Who are we

MR OLIVEWOOD® is our registered trademark, our symbol of "Love & Dedication" for what we do. We are a family owned business. We have inherited the love and the skill of olive wood work from our parents and grandparents. We hope to bequeath it to the next generation too. We grew up under the verdant shadow of olive trees and have always appreciated the gorgeous Mediterranean weather, the great food, and the healthy lifestyle.
Our head office and warehouse is based in London, UK while our workshops remain in the historical Mediterranean city of Sfax, Tunisia, there where my younger brother manages our highly skilled workforce. These brilliant artisans are dedicated to producing, with love and care, the best quality olive wood products in today's market. 


Tunisia has the 4th highest number of olive trees, the 4th highest producer of Olive Oil in the world with over 200,000 tons of olive oil produced from 1993 to 2017. Tunisia has over 65 million olive trees sustainably grown on 1,680,000 ha, most of which are certified organic.

The olive tree is truly amazing! It produces olives, olive oil and olive wood. Only when it stops producing fruit do we lovingly and ethically transform its trunks into beautiful objects; we only use wood from very old olive trees that have come to the end of their natural fruiting lives and have already been replaced with younger and more productive trees.

Designing, Manufacturing, Handcrafting and Supplying our own premium quality olive wood products, for the Homeware & the Giftware market. Our handcrafting process is strictly chemical-free, our products are all handmade from pure olive wood which is well known as very hard & very strong wood, anti-bacterial, food safe and eco-friendly. Olive wood is refreshingly natural when too many kitchen products are made of synthetic materials that can be harmful to our health and our environment. We treat every piece as " a diamond", unique and precious as no two look alike. 

We can custom and engrave our products according to your personal or business need, with any wording or design you may suggest. Also we can handcraft anything that you want made out of olive wood which is our bespoke manufacturing service we offer our customers.

It is amazing to see the natural reaction of our customers when they do approach our olive wood products, the first reaction they do they touch, feel and smell Olive wood, it's funny but we all do, don't we? Because every piece has its unique pattern and because they all do look beautiful, we find it difficult to choose the Olive Wood item we want to buy. Our customers are from all over the world, the farthest customer we serve is from the beautiful Island of Guam, we are very proud to see our products standing on that far side of the planet.

We have been actively exhibiting at the SpringFair and at the AutumnFair in the UK,  and we just had a very successful Trade show at the Giftex 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

To sum up, our success depends on your complete satisfaction. We are not only here to sell our beautiful products, but also to create a community where our customers and us can share news, ideas and feedback. Feel free to join us on our social media pages, and we'll see you there!