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We are one of the largest producers of Olive Wood products in the world, with the widest selection of products, with over 100 ethically produced items, derived from very old and sustainably grown Olive Trees. We've been in the business since 1952, we have inherited the love and the skill of olive wood work from our parents and grandparents. Our products range from gifts to homeware are hand-crafted to a standard of excellence, top quality. We have recently set up our new head office and warehouse in London - UK from where we now do operate and manage our business, as for our Olive Tree farms, factory and workshops do remain as always in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Sfax - Tunisia where our highly skilled artisans are dedicated to handcrafting with love & care the best range of olive wood products in today's market. This new set up has facilitate export and service, in other terms we have improved (SS) shipping speed and (SQ) service quality, we now do ship and distribute worldwide from London - UK.


We do sell olive wood products at very competitive wholesale prices. Our olive wood products are proving very popular in the market very loved by consumers. We can handcraft anything out of Olive Wood, we are open to your customisation ideas and suggestions, you design it we make it. So if you are a hotel or a restaurant owner or have any kind of business and want us to make unique items for you out of Olive Wood you just have to provide us with images and measurements and we will definitely impress you with a stunning job.

We are pleased to offer you a "1-year craftsmanship guarantee" that we have introduced to give you piece of mind and build trust together when buying our products, and to prove that our quality and handcrafting process is simply the best. This option was designed to cover “craftsmanship” failures on cracks. Over the years we have noticed that the main concern of Olive Wood buyers that they do experience with their suppliers are crack problems. We strictly do not allow ourselves to send our customers products with cracks or defects on them, our Olive Wood process does not allow that to happen anyway.

Customers of MR OLIVEWOOD® include market traders, private traders, hotels, restaurants, bars, online marketplaces (eBay, amazon, etsy etc) are very happy with the quality and the beauty of our products, please click here to see their feedback and pictures posted on Instagram. The farthest customer we have is a 5 star Hotel from the beautiful Island of Guam, we are very proud to see our products standing on that far side of the planet.

Please note that all the pictures you see on our website and on our wholesale catalogue are exclusively made by us, all taken using our own products, so please expect your order with us to be as beautiful as these pictures, with rich stunning and unique grain/texture patterns.

At Mr Olive Wood there is no trade account or signup necessary. With the click of a mouse you can easily check our catalogue and discover our products. Whether you’re seeking a constant supply of pallets or are just breaking into the industry, you’ll find an ever-changing selection of stock at any given time. Plus, enjoy friendly customer support 24/7 service by email, phone or in person at our warehouse. 

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